Caleb Craft

Institute Director

Caleb Craft grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and in the summer of 2013, at age 16, he moved with his family out to Colorado Springs. After graduating high school he went to one year of community college, then felt God calling him to Revolution Five. He was a Rev5 student class of 2016. Upon graduation of Revolution Five, he was able to get a great job with Steck Insights, and in June of 2017 marry the woman of his dreams. During his year of Rev5, he began to feel the Lord’s call on his life to live for more. As Caleb prayed into what God was asking of his life, he felt the Lord say his mission was to disciple, challenge, and equip leaders of the next generation to love and lead in complete freedom and zeal for the Kingdom. It’s out of this calling Caleb and Jocelyn decided to come back to Rev5 as staff. Caleb and his family are in the Revolution Five Master Series, which means that they are in training to open a school with the same heartbeat Rev5 has in the country of Nepal. Caleb and Jocelyn love and are very passionate about the Nepali people. Not to mention the strategic advantage of discipling and instilling leadership into the young people of Nepal, Nepal has one of the fastest growing Christian populations in the world right now. Praise God! Unfortunately, there is a huge lack in discipleship training. Nepal has an ever increasing Christian population that is in desperate need of discipleship. This is the need Caleb and Jocelyn are training to meet. With a leadership/discipleship school like Rev5, the entire country of Nepal could actually start to change and look more like the Kingdom of God in this generation! Until then, they are loving getting to disciple, challenge, and equip leaders of the next generation of America.