Revolution Five

Master's Series

Preparing young couples to fulfill the great commission.
A three-year program where you and your spouse are discipled, trained, and equipped to love God, love people, and lead with purpose and persuasion.
Individual and Couple Growth
  • Discipleship as a couple, 1:1, and group settings
  • Fundraising training and equipping.
  • Significant emotional experiences through trips within the US and overseas
Leadership Catechism
  • Continued discipleship with increased levels of leadership
  • Organizational administration training
  • Leadership in and through significant emotional experiences.
Practical Application
  • Preparation for missional contexts
  • Overseas integrations with foreign ministries as a couple
  • Language acquisition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to the Master's Series?

We love accepting couples who have a desire to deepen their marriage for the purpose of making an impact for God’s kingdom. People that come to the Master's Series feel a strong calling to deepen their relationship with God and strengthen their marriage for the purpose of making a missional impact wherever the Lord may call them. Revolution Five is focused on planting leaders in the Gateway Cities of the 1040 window and would love to invite your participation in taking the gospel to the least reached people groups in the world.

How will my marriage deepen in the Master's series?

Rev5 prepares you with a firm foundation to live a marriage of impact. We spend much of the first year devoted to communication, conflict resolution, how to understand one-another and be understood, developing your faith, managing finances, and so much more!

What will our schedule look like?

We curate custom experiences based on the content learn and trips away from home included with your Master's Series program tuition. Each week will look different, but rest assured, we plan at least two nights of the week for 1:1 couple times for you and your spouse in addition to most weekends off while not on trips.

What is the time commitment throughout the program?

The Master's Series is a three-year program that follows a similar format to scholastic schedules. You can expect major holidays, summer break, and weekends throughout the year. This is a full-time program that will have you fully immersed with a band of brothers of sisters.

Where will we live?

We welcome our Master's Series students to join us on campus in Colorado Springs, CO. We coordinate housing based on your family size, but we suggest joining the master's series prior to having children to aid in family logistics.

How much does the Master's Series Cost?

Your first year of the Master's Series is $15k for both of you as a couple. This includes your tuition, weekday food (leftovers generally available for the weekends), housing for couples (families with children may incur additional costs), and all trips with Rev5.

When can I start?

We would love to welcome you at the beginning of August each year. Class start dates for each fall semester varies, but we typically begin the last week of August. We suggest getting there early to settle your home, explore the area, and meet the staff prior to the school year beginning.

Can I have a job during the Master's Series?

We typically get this question from those looking to plan for their future callings financially. It is important to note, we prepare, train, and coach you through raising a support team for years 2-3 at Rev5 as well as for the calling the Lord places on your life after graduation. We do not suggest trying to carry any job during the school year at Rev5.

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