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Revolution Five School of Leadership – Encounter God - through nine months of transformational leadership, awe-inspiring experiences, and life-changing discipleship

✓ Leadership Training
Hands-on, experiential teaching useful for every career and ministry. 
✓ Life-Changing Adventures
Jesus taught on mountaintops and sought The Father in the wilderness –– we do the same. 
✓ Daily Discipleship 
Jesus made disciples life-on-life and we follow His example of intentional, deep discipleship.  
We lead a 9 -month gap year program teaching leadership through life-on-life discipleship to young adults. 
We also offer retreats for high school, junior high, and more. 
gap yeargap year
gap year missionsgap year missions
Christian gap yearChristian gap year
Amplify your future 

& Revolution Five

The name Revolution Five comes from the revolutionary style of life Jesus taught in Matthew 5. Jesus spoke of being salt and light. Our goal is for students to not only succeed in college and their future careers but to ultimately be salt and light on their college campuses and places of work. Many families race to get their children through college and into a high-paying career but overlook the ultimate eternal purpose of these callings. 
collage gap yearcollage gap year
gap yeargap year
Many Christian Young Adults:
  • are aimless through college 
  • become cynical of the church 
  • feel alone in following Jesus 
  • drift into disengaged Christianity 
  • are unsure of what to do next
Our Mission
We disciple, train, and develop young adults to love God, love people and lead with purpose & persuasion in every sphere of society.
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More Than a Diploma 

Revolution Five graduates gain the soft skills needed for today's workforce, and the Biblical and character training to be a light in the darkness. 
Emotional Intelligence
Strong Work Ethic
Growth Mindset
Openness to Feedback
Active Listening
Team Player Attitude
rev 5 leaders
Esther Lohner
Esther Lohner 
Class of 2011
"Life-changing is an understatement. God has completely transformed my heart this last year." 
christian leadership
Conor Craft
Class of 2009
"My daily life and ministry are only what they are today because of my years at Rev5." 
REVolution five

Know God &
know who you are.